Artax Games in Capital Radio

Artax Games in Capital Radio

Last week we had an interview in Capital Radio. There we had the chance to explain what is Artax Games. Jesús Luengo spoke about his vision of the videogames market in Spain and also about Artax Games origins, clearing up some concepts about our activities.

When we say branding we mean we are able to do a videogame or an app based upon a license, no matter whether it is from TV show, a film or a brand. With absolut respect and concern about the brand and its characters. Or with the character from your favourite breakfast flakes brand. Or based upon a traditional game or TV quiz show.

When we saygamification we are saying, for instance, that we can make more fun from an event, helping the participants to talk to others propsing games and collaborative challenges. Or also that we can prepare a tailored game for any company, helping the different teams to collaborate and discover sinergias among them.

When we sayvirtual reality, we say we are able to do apps for a stand in any feria so the customers can discover and experience the offered services in first person without the need to move from the place. Or prepare complete virtual courses to educate children or adults. Or simulate a driving exam.

When talking about augmented realitywe are trying to communicate that we can prepare a clothes catalogue so that the customers can check how anything suits them before they purchase. Or a catalogue that children could use to see the toys in full 3D and take a picture with their facourite animated character.

All in all, he tried to explaing precisely that when we in Artax Games say that we make tailored games and apps we mean it for real. We adapt to the requirements and needs of our clients to make them true, and it was an amusement to be retell it in Capital radio in such good company.

The full interview is available for download here.